Interpersonal Workshops

Active Listening

TOPIC: Interpersonal Skills:  Active Listening—What Did They Say?

OVERVIEW: This workshop will train participants to listen for content and comprehension. It will help participants learn the difference between hearing and listening. In turn, this skill will help the participant increase in their job performance as a substantial communication technique.

Dependability & Responsibility

TOPIC: Interpersonal:  Dependability & Responsibility

OVERVIEW: Learn the key differences between being dependable and responsible and how they  matter on your job .  This workshop will help the participant discern when to apply one skill over the other.

Critical Thinking

TOPIC: Interpersonal Skills:  Critical Thinking: Methodology and Process

OVERVIEW: This workshop is where Critical thinking is the holder of the necessary tools used and needed to conduct impartial research in order to  properly solve problems, make good and wise decisions that help plan good strategic outcomes.